Storing Energy with Polymers

Alionyx Energy Systems (AES) is building safe, sustainable, better performing and more cost-effective batteries for the world by removing the costly metals and replacing them with polymers. It is these proprietary polymers that allow AES to build batteries that set them apart from the competition. The world is becoming more reliant on nickel, cobalt and other rare earth minerals to satisfy the ever increasing need to store and use energy. AES offers an opportunity to rid batteries of one of their metals which stabilizes the system, allowing for more cycles, longer life and decreasing costs as we replace an expensive, toxic and reactive metal for a polymer.


  • • Alionyx Energy Systems Inc. was founded
    • Seed Series Round Closed


  • • Poly-K was invented
    • 3,000 Cycles achieved in lab


  • • Manufacturing partnership agreement signed
    • Production Scale-up commenced
    • Poly-K patent filed
    • 9,000 cycles achieved in lab


  • • California Energy Commission (CalTestBed) grant awarded
    • First commercial quality cells manufactured
    • 13,000 cycles achieved in lab
    • 2nd Polymer System Patent Filed


Test Pilot Program

Alionyx welcomes partners that are open to testing alternative storage battery and electric vehicle solutions. If you would like more information on our test pilot program, please contact us.

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Alionyx is currently open for external investors to further grow its patent-pending polymer battery technologies. If you would like more information about investing in Alionyx, please contact us for a meeting.

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