Our Team

Michael Nagus

Mike is currently the CEO of Alionyx Energy Systems and has held upper level management positions for the past 14 years in various industries. The last 12 of which have been in the commercial battery manufacturing space as President and Founder of Tekcor Battery Solutions, President of Charger Industries and Vice President of Power Products at HPC (Parent company of Engineered Power and Charger Industries). Mike has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan.

Zeiad Muntasser

Zeiad is currently the president and chief engineer of Alionyx Energy Systems. He has over 18 years of technology and leadership experience. His expertise is in new product development, battery design and electrode coating and processing. Prior to AES, Zeiad was the director of product development with Engineered Power. He also worked at Enevate as a team leader, engineering materials in silicon systems. Zeiad also worked for Enersys, Powergenix and Reveo. Over the course of his career, Zeiad has managed over 30 million dollars of private and government projects. Zeiad has over 10 pending and granted patents and over 15 publications. Zeiad has an M.S. in corrosion from Dalhousie University and B.S. in mechanical engineering.

Demetrio Batac

Demetrio is a process and equipment engineer at Alionyx Energy Systems. He has over 30 years of experience working in the battery industry. Prior to Alionyx, Demetrio worked for Engineered Power. He also worked for multiple companies including Enevate, Contour Energy Systems, PowerGenix, Metallic Power and Mercedes on various chemistries including lithium ion, nickel zinc, zinc air, and fuel cells/PEM. Demetrio’s expertise is in developing manufacturing processes and scaling up new battery chemistries, procuring manufacturing equipment, manufacturing assembly line layouts and implementing lean manufacturing.

Mohamed Elkumbari

Mohamed is a mechanical and process engineer at Alionyx Energy Systems. He is a key engineer working on scaling up AES’s Polymer technology. Mohamed spent the last 15 years working for IVECO Bus and Truck company as both an engineer and manager in their Blank Department. While at IVECO, he spearheaded projects that moved ideas from the design phase into customer hands. He developed and implemented quality control systems, oversaw new product designs, managed logistics, procured new material supply chains, and tested new materials in existing products. His expertise is in process optimization, design, assembly, and quality control.

Andrew Stewart

Andrew is a principal scientist at Alionyx Energy Systems. He has worked at Contour Energy Systems, Enevate, and Engineered Power. While at Contour Energy Systems, he developed quality control protocols for carbon fluoride materials, bridged the gap from prototypes to commercially available coin cells, and developed successful cylindrical cell prototypes. At Enevate, he worked on developing cathode coating processes and quality control systems for lithium ion battery systems. At Engineered Power, he developed prototypes and scaled up lithium metal cells with improved safety characteristics that are currently available in the marketplace.

Jasim Uddin

Dr. Uddin has more than 12 years of R&D experience on materials synthesis and battery research. He has more than 50 publications, 5 patents, and 20+ conference presentations on various battery technologies . Dr. Uddin obtained his PhD degree in chemistry from the University of Southern California and was a postdoctoral scholar under the tutelage of Professor Robert H. Grubbs (2005 Chemistry Nobel Laureate) at the California Institute of Technology. He was a co-PI on several ARPA-E projects on various battery technologies with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Pasadena.

Test Pilot Program

Alionyx welcomes partners that are open to testing alternative storage battery and electric vehicle solutions. If you would like more information on our test pilot program, please contact us.

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Alionyx is currently open for external investors to further grow its patent-pending polymer battery technologies. If you would like more information about investing in Alionyx, please contact us for a meeting.

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