Alionyx Energy Systems (AES) has created a new class of batteries, based on redox active polymers to store energy.

These polymers, developed and manufactured by AES, are drop in replacement energy storage materials for existing technologies. These systems include, but are not limited to, alloys in nickel metal hydride systems, metal oxides in lithium ion batteries and lead in lead acid batteries.

AES first generation Poly-K cell has taken a traditional metal battery and replaced the anode with a proprietary polymer anode. In doing so AES has reduced the input costs of the original battery, lowered the environmental footprint of the technology and taken the cycle life from 2,000 to over 10,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge. This means that there is no augmentation required for over 25 years. The battery is designed to drop into existing manufacturing infrastructure thus eliminating the need for expensive capital investment. AES is currently in the process of commercializing the Poly-K chemistry with a manufacturing partner and will be available in 2021.

AES continues innovating to bring better batteries to the world with an expanding IP portfolio.These designs will disrupt markets that have settled for legacy chemistries for too long.


Alionyx Energy Systems proprietary technology operating as a cathode in a lithium ion system




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Test Pilot Program

Alionyx welcomes energy companies that are open to testing alternative storage battery solutions. If you would like more information on our test pilot program, please contact us.

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Alionyx is currently open for external investors to further grow its patent-pending polymer battery technologies. If you would like more information about investing in Alionyx, please contact us for a meeting.

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