The most cost-effective, safe energy storage source is now here.

Founded in 2017, Alionyx Energy Systems is a battery materials company that aims to replace reliance on metal electrodes within the battery industry. Alionyx’s patented organic redox active polymers can improve existing technologies in rate capability, cost, environmental impact, and cycle life.

Why Polymer?

It's sustainable. As the world demand for energy storage grows, traditional batteries relying solely on metal electrodes will inevitably find it difficult to sustain under stress from steadily increasing input costs and safety concerns. Alionyx is creating the world’s next energy storage batteries with its Polymer technology that provides a safe, powerful, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative.


High Cycle Life

Decreasing the DOD increases cycle life significantly.

High Rate Capability

Sustained rates of 3C for 1000’s of cycles, no recovery periods.

Unmatched Throughout

The energy stored in the cell on cycle 10,000 is the same as it was on cycle 1.

Safety & Environment

Safe Battery

Poly-K battery uses non-flammable materials with no thermal runaway risk

100% Recyclable

A simple, clean and sustainable system that can be fully recycled after 25+ years of use


Can be safely recycled without the use of expensive and dangerous facilities

Cost Effective

Low Cost

Input costs are lower than traditional chemistries as metals are being replaced with polymers.


Our battery technology leverages off existing manufacturing technology and capacity to scale.

Supply reliability

Raw materials are abundant and readily available.

Alionyx V.S. Others

Alionyx’s Poly-K battery technology beats the incumbents where it counts when it comes to energy storage.


Test Pilot Program

Alionyx welcomes energy companies that are open to testing alternative storage battery solutions. If you would like more information on our test pilot program, please contact us.

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Alionyx is currently open for external investors to further grow its patent-pending polymer battery technologies. If you would like more information about investing in Alionyx, please contact us for a meeting.

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